Call 4 Handlings

We are looking for 3dimensional Handlings for an Exhibition!

Together with you we plan an exhibition with 3D printed artifacts. Are you a 3D expert, sculptor, graphic designer, architect, image/hacker, ... ? We are looking for 3D models that we can print so that they fit in the palm of a hand. The hand is the pedestal: "look what I have here". Sculptures for your palm and even for space. The exhibition will take place in the fall of 2021 at the Rote Fabrik Zurich. The selected exhibits will be presented by 20 models. Afterwards, the digital collection will be converted into NFTs and offered for sale on OpenSea. 90% of the proceeds of this artist cooperative action will go to the participants, YEAHH!


Size: shall fit into the palm of a human hand
Reproducibility: should be easily and arbitrarily reproducible
Design: should be designed all around from all sides (no base, no top/bottom, ideally accessible from all sides) suitable for space!
Format: .stl File


The authors of the selected contributions will receive

1. a one-time fee of CHF 50.- or optionally a printout (in justified emergencies also both)
2. an invitation to the exhibition and travel allowance of CHF 50.-
3. 90% of the proceeds from the conversion into NFT will go to the authors and will be divided equally.

Submission Deadline

Sunday, May 30th 2021
Extended Deadline: Friday, June 18th 2021


Mario Purkathofer (Dock18), Reto Schläppi (, Max Grüter (Artist), Mickry3 (Artists)


The selected works will be presented in an exhibition of 20 human pedestals. Starting in September 2021.


The entire digital exhibition will be converted to NFT and listed online. 90% of the proceeds until 31.12.2021 will go to the participants.


Your 3D Object as  .STL File