Call 4 Robots

Wir suchen deine Roboter Story

Robots have long since found their way into our human society. Robotics is now used in the most diverse areas of life and production, even if they do not look as one would wish the creatures of technology. We are looking for texts in the form of literature, algorithms, codes, lyrics, fictional, dramatic or epic narratives, reports, public excitations, experiences or philosophical treatises with a maximum size of 5 MB.

Anyone can participate (including artificial intelligences). However, the texts will be judged by a human jury, the best contributions will be published in an ebook or read by a speech robot or we will feed it to some machines.

The authors of all published texts will receive CHF 100.- and an invitation to the Bits ’n Bolts Festival on March 4/5, 2023 in Zurich.


Format: all text files
Literary quality, readability, entertainment value, sheds new light on robotics, the text can help robotics developers and decision makers with implementation, etc.

Deadline for Submissions

January 31st 2023


The jury consists of a robot engineer, a literary critic, a representative of the Dock18 Institute, a ueberactive member and an algorithmic observer.

Awards, performance and publication

8 selected texts will be published. Optionally published and distributed in an e-book or read by a Text2Speech machine or another adapted presentation form. The authors of all published texts will receive CHF 100.- each and a personal invitation to the festival for 2 people.




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